Dan McKie
About Phonik

We are a global based music company providing bespoke creative solutions to realise your vision and ensure your vision leaves a lasting impression.

Behind Phonik is our founder, Dan McKie, who for over 19 years has toured the world as a DJ, as well as producing for several major labels/brands including Universal, Pacha [Ibiza], Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound to name a few.

Dan held the integral position of musical director at a top bar/restaurant in Ibiza, personally managing the music played, programming the DJs selected and the events representing the venue. He continues to be a central force in the ever competitive and cut throat music industry with his record label and record promotions, plugging & PR companies. As well as all of this Dan is often freelancing with various venues as a Booker/Programmer for events.

This wealth of experience has enabled us to develop long term relationships with the most talented and creative practitioners in the industry. Consequently, we only work with those who know what they are doing and do it well.

Dan McKie
What we do

We listen, We provide, You enjoy.

Phonik takes your vision from the scribbled post-it and makes it a reality. We can provide every element required to deliver your bespoke vision, from professional entertainers through to the technical boxes with lots of buttons that only the select few understand.

We can provide:

- Music Solutions.
- Record Label - Releasing your music to the global market via our distribution partners.
- Sync Agency - Syncing your music to Adverts, TV, Film, Games and more.
- PA, Staging, Visual & Lighting Solutions.
- Music, Events & Artist programming for bars, clubs, festivals, corporate & private events.
- Provide DJs, Live Acts & Artists for all occasions.
- PR & Marketing solutions.
- Event Solutions, from all of the above mentioned solutions, plus catering, beverages, concept planning, venue hiring. Even the little things from napkins to what style cups, we take pride in doing them right and for the client.

At Phonik we have a strong belief. Do it properly, or don't do it at all.

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What our clients say
  • I would recommend Dan McKie very highly, and without hesitation, for employment - having hired Dan on many occasions for events and special projects during the past 10 years while Music Director at Pacha Ibiza. Dan is reliable, professional, trust worthy and highly self motivated to complete any task at hand - there is no problem or obstacle that phases him or is left unattended by this enthusiastic and astute individual. Dan has travelled to many events around the world on my behalf during my ten years at Pacha Ibiza, and should the need arise I would have no problem in calling on Dan's experience again myself for similar requirements on behalf of my new company Syx Ibiza S.L.

    Steve Hulme/ Director/ Syx Agency
  • Dan McKie helped develop our new business with his unique skill set that he brings to the table. Particularly detailed and very professional he managed all aspects of day to day promotional and event based activities. I would recommend his services whether to engage in daily Event management or purely on a consultancy basis. He has an in depth knowledge of the music industry as well as a wealth of contacts that, in turn, can positively feed back into your business. We will definitely be calling on Dan McKie’s services again in future.

    Alex Lubin / Director [Turo Turo Ibiza/ Sugar Leisure]
  • I've always trusted Dan's promotional support on many shows since 2009. Understanding the industry as well as he does helps immensely in making sure the events are always well attended and ultimately a success.

    Warren Morris/ Founder & Director/ The Playground


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